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Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Is getting pregnant after a miscarriage any different from getting pregnant if you never been pregnant before?

Yes and no. No different because you still have to fall pregnant at your ovulation time and it is better to know when that will happen.

But it is also different because you need to look at the reasons why a miscarriage occur in the first place and try to avoid it happening again.

Miscarriages can occur for different reasons: being under stress, contracting an illness, physical trauma or many other reasons that remain unknown.

The reasons that remain unknown are normally related to fetus abnormalities. And very often it is due to fertilization which occurs because of old sperm with an old egg that is defective.

Let me explain…

In order to achieve healthy conception you need a freshly released egg and fresh sperm. Sperm is considered to be fresh and viable on 1st and maybe 2nd day after ejaculation. But the normal life span of sperm is around 3 days.

So, if on the third day after ejaculation the sperm fertilizes the egg, the pregnancy is likely to abort in the early stages.

The same thing can happen with old eggs. The egg is healthy and viable on the 1st and maybe on the 2nd day after being released from the ovaries then becomes old and potentially defective. Fertilization of this egg will probably end up in a miscarriage.

So, how to avoid fertilization with old sperm or an old egg? First, you need to know the length of your cycle and the exact time of your ovulation.

Ovulation normally occurs on day 14 of your cycle if your cycle is the normal 28 days. So, in order to avoid old sperm you should abstain from intercourse at least two days before ovulation (abstain on 11th and 12th day).

Then during ovulation time you should have frequent intercourse (on day 13 and 14).

Then, to prevent fertilization of an old egg you should abstain again on the day 15.

If your cycle is long (longer then 28 days) your egg stays inside longer which makes the egg old before it even gets released. So, women with long cycles will have more problems getting pregnant and carry healthy pregnancy then women with shorter cycles.

If you period is long you should try natural methods first to make your cycles shorter. These include improving your general health, improving your diet, doing moderate but regular exercise, having enough rest and relaxation, taking vitamins and other things that make you healthier.

Very often general health improvements practiced for 3-4 months or so will be enough to regulate your cycle. When your cycle gets to 28 days or less you should start watching for fertility signs and try to pinpoint your time of ovulation. Then plan your sexual activity in order to avoid old sperm and old egg.

When you ovulate later than day 15 of your cycle, it is a good idea not to try to conceive at all. This pregnancy is likely to abort in the early stages or be somehow defective because of a potential old egg.

To sum up, you can have a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage but there are a few things you should look at. First, is there a reason why you had a miscarriage?

Secondly, you should look at your cycle: the length of it and when you ovulate.

And thirdly, you should work on avoiding old sperm meeting an old egg. It seems like a lot of work you have to do but eventually all this work is likely to result in what you want – a baby.

If this seems complicated it is only a matter of some education. I have helped many people to understand how this all works, so it is not impossible. All you have to do is spend a little time learning and you increase you chances of a good pregnancy 10 fold.

Dr Irina Webster MD is the Director of Women Health Issues Program. She is a recognised athority in the infertility area. She is an author of many books and a public speaker.learn more about infertility problems
Dr Irina Webster believes that the majority of women health problems can be treated naturally without drugs or surgical treatment.

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